Susan Simon

Susan Simon is the founder of Admissions Advantage and the Weston Tutor Collaborative. She has been a private educational consultant since 2002 helping students find their way to the colleges of their choice. Before entering the private sector, Susan worked as the Senior Admissions Counselor at Brandeis University for eighteen years where she read thousands of applications and interviewed hundreds of students.

Susan has a keen understanding of the college admissions process today. Her background includes a Masters in Counseling Psychology from the University of Santa Clara and a Bachelors in Education and Human Development from Wheelock College. In 2010, Susan received an Honorary Doctoral degree in Education from Wheelock College. Susan is the co-author of My Dog's Name is Einstein and Other College Essays Written from the Hearts of Boys and Girls (2010).

In addition to her professional and educational experience, Susan has sent two of her own children off to college and graduate school and intimately understands the challenges families face during this developmental stage between childhood and adulthood.

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